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    PowerConnex - Predictive Dialler and Advanced Call Centre Technology


    Gain competitive advantage with increased customer contact rates - inbound, outbound or fully blended environments; and across multiple communication mediums with PowerConnex's superior customer contact technology.

    Predictive Dialler

    PowerConnex's digital predictive dialler system is often the single biggest productivity driver introduced into many organisations; delivering productivity gains of up to 300% from manual dialing! (The digital dialler is capable of increasing agent 'speak-time' to around 45-50 minutes every hour). In other words, agents consistently spend around 80% of their time selling and/or making appointments.

    Generate more Revenue!

    PowerConnex technology delivers immediate improvements in salesforce productivity. Moreover, gain quantum shifts of around 2-300% from manual dialing. In other words, your sales team will be actively on the phone talking to prospects and customers alike for the greater part of every hour; and thereby significantly increasing revenue opportunities!

    Appointment Setting / Seminar Attendance

    The predictive dialler function has been specifically designed to effectively manage the dynamics of appointment setting and seminars.

    Customer Interaction Management

    Another feature of the PowerConnex Call Centre System is its powerful CIM/ CRM tracking tool that is designed to optimise the sales operation; enabling companies to track client interaction, with agents able to readily reference client history. The CIM function also allows companies to build robust, highly qualified prospect databases; improving the sales effort and shortening the sales-cycle. Importantly, as the status of each prospect/client changes with on-going interaction, client databases can be enhanced to reflect changes made; thereby segmenting prospects at different stages of the sales cycle ie; raw prospects to highly qualified leads with intent to buy or re-purchase. Lists can also be generated using filters such as; geographics, demographics and psychographics.
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