Operational Transparency


The Powerconnex Call Centre system comes with a suite of performance management and system reports that inherently promote call centre productivity, continuous improvement and corporate governance compliance. Furthermore, the comprehensive reporting suite is designed to provide operational transparency and hence a means of effectively managing call centres at an optimum level.


SmartPhone APP

Keep an eye on the operation any location with your PCXcom smartphone APP.



The customised wallboard enables the entire organisation to view operational performance at a glance. KPI’s can be added and changed to suit various campaigns, whilst other value information relevant to the campaign can be included in the graphic and statistical options.


Corporate Governance Compliance

The PCXcom system provides businesses with absolute transparency of operations and can also be configured for PCI DSS compliance

Key Compliance Functions;

  • Call recording of all call activity
  • Call Recording of verbal agreements
  • Remote monitoring of calls ie; supervisors and management can listen into calls onsite/offsite
  • Real-time & Historical Management Reports – statistical & graphical
  • Supervisor QA Screen
  • Agent Objection Handling and FAQ
  • Agent stop/pause button