Unified Communications

Powerconnex’s advanced customer contact technology will enable you to communicate and track interaction with your clients across multiple mediums, via unified communications such as voice, SMS, fax, email etc.



Various methods of voice can be employed, from phone calls, to more sophisticated voice broadcasting or reverse IVR.



The Powerconnex’s Contact Centre system facilitates individual fax sends and broadcasts.


Send and receive emails via the Powerconnex’s Contact Centre system – with an audit trail of client interaction.

Email ‘Click to Dial’

Email recipients can click-on an embedded icon in an email (i.e.; logo) that will activate a phone call to the contact centre. Alternatively, by clicking on the icon, a data field pop-up will enable the recipient to enter their phone number; which again will activate a phone call to the contact centre.


Website ‘Click to Dial’

Calls can be activated upon receipt of website requests i.e.; customers click-on an icon on the client web site, and enter their phone number to receive an immediate call.

Powerconnex’s digital predictive dialler system is often the single biggest productivity driver introduced into many organisations; delivering productivity gains of up to 300% from manual dialing! (The digital dialler is capable of increasing agent ‘speak-time’ to around 45-50 minutes every hour). In other words, agents consistently spend around 80% of their time selling and/or making appointments.


The Powerconnex system facilitates SMS broadcasts, individual sends and inbound SMS. The SMS function can also be fully integrated with our advanced Call Centre technology. Likewise, SMS’s can be sent as either generic or customised mail-merge messages with reply path capability.

Service Options

Both Premium and Economy services are available – the Premium service providing comprehensive reporting with a complete audit trail.

Inbound SMS

SMS’s received from recipients can be converted to email and received in a dedicated email inbox.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting is an efficient means of optimising customer contact without need of human intervention; to both clients and prospects alike.

Hot-Key Transfer – immediate connection to your business

Messages can be sent to both landline and mobile phones – as per the specific requirements of each campaign. In addition, the hot-key transfer function enables call recipients to gain immediate access to your contact centre by simply pressing “1”.

Broadcast Services

  • Standard Voice Broadcast
  • Enhanced Voice Broadcast with Hot-Key Transfer
  • Dedicated Response Broadcasting with Hot-Key Transfer & Contact Centre Management