Inside Sales

Turn your Inside Sales team into the engine room of your salesforce with PCXcom technology. You’ll be able to track the performance of individuals and sales made, whilst equally you senior sales staff can also be properly supported by your inside sales team, both making and tracking appointments. Moreover, you will be able significantly increase contact rates with clients and prospects alike, whilst efficiently capturing customer information, and equally managing contact databases effectively.


Lead Generation

Sales leads are the life-blood of any organisation. Increase contact rates, efficiently capture customer information, effectively manage contact databases, and create and modify campaigns and scripts with PCXcom’s advance technology. Functions include; Predictive Dialler, Call Recording & Monitoring, Scripting, FAQ/Objection Handling, List Management, ACD & IVR, Unified Communications (SMS, Voice, Fax, email etc) CRM integration, and more.


Accounts Receivable – Reduce Debtor Days.

Late client payments and the resultant negative effect on cashflow and indeed the Debtor Day KPI can be detrimental to any business!

The PCXcom system provides businesses with a cost effective and efficient means of reducing debtor days. PowerCollect is an easy ‘fit’ with any organisation – providing management with the tools necessary to effectively manage the Accounts Receivable process; and hence the Debtor Day KPI.

Appointment Setting / Seminar Attendance

The predictive dialler comes with its own appointment setting module that has been specifically designed to effectively manage the dynamics of appointment setting and seminars for sales personnel in the field.

Sales – Cold Calling

The bread and butter application of the predictive dialler is cold calling into prospect databases to initially qualify prospects prior to creating new lists of the qualified leads.  Likewise, the dialler is comprehensively used for ‘direct sales’ for low-end ticket items.

Sales – Up-sell | Cross Sell

PCXcom call centre technology inherently caters for efficient management of your customer database, and will therefore enable you to drive revenue performance through effective upsell and cross-sell initiatives.

Customer Service

Interact with your customer base by using single or multiple communications mediums, such as; voice, email, SMS, fax, web etc. For instance, in addition to acquisition and retention activities over the phone, reminders and /or confirmations by SMS is often used as an effective means communicating with customers.

Moreover, the PCXcom system provides a full audit trial of client interaction, enabling tracking of campaigns and activities across multiple sources such as television, print and the web – that will give you the ability to generate and create comprehensive performance reports.

Equally, PCXcom call centre technology caters for leads that have been generated from your inbound marketing activity, with these calls prioritised over outbound call activity.