Make your next career move a great one and join us!

PowerConnex is a highly innovative and agile player in the ICT space, and has won numerous industry awards in meeting the demands of an increasingly competitive and sophisticated marketplace.

Moreover, we believe that our employees are our most important asset; and as a leader in our field, we are recognised by the sector as an employer of choice.

Established in 2000, PowerConnex’s highly innovative, digital communication technology delivers business critical applications as both Cloud-based services and Enterprise systems across the SME and Corporate sectors throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Innovation & Quality

PowerConnex is a best practice organisation; committed to continuous improvement and investment in R&D. Moreover, PowerConnex is in relentless pursuit of delivering extraordinary outcomes for clients, employees & stakeholders alike.

Our People – our path to success!

It goes without saying, that our people are key drivers in the success of the organisation. We seek to employ people that ‘make a difference’, have a passion for ICT, and thrive in a dynamic workplace environment; whereby ‘Can Do’ is the modus operandi.

We value our clients

PowerConnex has gained a reputation as a valued service partner for organisations throughout the Asia-Pacific region and as a result we have built an impressive client list over the years; with a focus on delivering quality products and services and thereby building mutually rewarding relationships with our clients.


An environment of success

We believe in developing our staff and rewarding them for over-performance. The PowerConnex working environment is designed to bring out the very best of your talents to achieve both the objectives of the business and your own professional goals.

Training & development

As a best practice organisation, PowerConnex embraces a ‘learning’ environment for individuals to prosper and grow. After your initial induction programme, you will learn from some of the industry’s best!


PowerConnex values over-performing staff and hence pays above award rates.

Career opportunities

Talented People Wanted! This is a ground-floor career opportunity to exploit our growth phase and ‘make your mark’.

Friendly & flexible workplace

PowerConnex is a progressive organisation and hence encourages workplace collaboration and flexible work hours.

A great team of people

We expect our new recruits to not just ‘fit’ within our culture, but to also ‘lift the bar’ and add significant value to the business; thriving in an ‘environment of success’.


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