Call Recording

The call recording function enables you to monitor and record calls in ‘real time’, as well as archive voice files for retrieval. Calls can be playback at any time including verbal payment agreements etc.

Recorded calls can be searched by Account details, phone numbers, date/time, agent and wrap-up etc.

Call Monitoring & Quality Control

The Supervisor can click on any call on the Time Chart and listen into the conversation with the time chart displaying conversations during the run or day, with a colour coded display of each agent in a clear linear analysis; providing Supervisors with an instantaneous ‘snap-shot’ of agent activity.

Remote Access Monitoring

Management can remotely access the Contact Centre call recording function and listen into calls from any location; both onsite and offsite; with security access levels as required.

Corporate Governance Compliance

The call recording system inherently promotes continuous improvement and increased quality. Furthermore, calls can be recorded and archived as per your business practices. PCI DSS can also be accommodated with PCXcom’s advanced technology.

Training & Development

The voice recording function is widely used for coaching & training purposes; with supervisors using a mix of different call types to educate staff and benchmark quality calls; to provide quality feedback to staff; as well as being a valuable tool for staff inductions.

Call Archiving & Retrieval

Archiving and retrieving recorded calls is incredibly easy and can be configured to meet your business practices. For example, call recordings can be searched for by using any number of filters ie; account/customer details.

Recording Selection

Call recordings can be selected based on: date, time, phone numbers, campaigns, wrap-up, agent and customer details.

Call Recording Play-Back

Call recordings can be played-back at anytime ie; record and playback verbal sales contracts with customers and/or regulators.

Sales Transactions

The Call Recording function can generate an audio audit trail. Verbal sales contracts can be played back to clients and/or authorities on demand. WAV files and transcripts can be created for easy and immediate distribution via email.

Third Party Verification

Regardless of whether your staff are in the office or ‘out on the road’, the call recording system can be accessed to record important conversations including sales contracts.

The PCXcom voice recording system enables organisations to both monitor and record calls in ‘real time’ as well as archive voice files for retrieval when required. Furthermore, calls can be played-back at anytime ie; verbal sales contracts with customers.

The call recording system enables supervisors to easily listen into calls – skipping from one agent to the next, whereby the performance of Individual agents and/or the effectiveness of scripts can be assessed accordingly.