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All posts from our lead developer on the nuts a bolts of the functionality in the PCXCOM system and in the industry.


Immediate Productivity Gains

Experience quantum shifts in salesforce productivity of around 200-300%, when using our predictive dialer compared to manual dialing. In other words, your sales team will be actively on the phone talking to prospects, customers and debtors alike, for the greater part of every hour & as a result significantly increase revenue opportunities!

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Eliminate Expensive Upgrades!

Continuous Improvement Updates – every year. Our regular software releases mean that with PCXCOM systems, you will enjoy the latest software version of our products regardless of whether you operate an Onsite Express, Enterprise system or alternatively use the Cloud Service.

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Progressive Dialing – The Power of Predictive

There are many terms for how a dialing technology call or contacts a customer. It is easy to get confused by the terms and what they mean.  If you run, manage or own a call centre and you are calling people then you need to understand some basics. How fast is your car “dialing” ? […]

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