Cloud-based Call Centre

‘On-Demand’ Virtual Call Centre

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, progressive companies gaining competitive advantage via adoption of smart technology such as the PCXcom cloud-based, Virtual Call Centre.

Gain Competitive Advantage – Increase Productivity & Reduce Operational Costs

PCXcom’s Virtual Call Centre is designed to dramatically improve client facing efficiencies and effectiveness. Likewise, the cloud-based technology can significantly increase productivity; whilst reducing operational costs in the process.

No Capex

The Virtual Call Centre requires no CAPEX and incorporates a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ price model.

Call from anywhere in the world – to anywhere in the world

Log-in to the web-based system from virtually anywhere in the world.

Easy Activation of Business Processes

The PCXcom Virtual Call Centre enables businesses to quickly implement changing business practices, including sales & marketing tactics and customer service activities.

Scale-up Operations with Ease

The cloud-based, Virtual Call Centre has all the benefits of an onsite system; without need of an outlay of capital. The ‘pay-as-you-go’ model enables immediate access to PCXcom’s advanced cloud-based technology; on either a small or large scale. Regardless of the initial size of operations, having experienced the benefits of the Virtual Call Centre first hand, companies tend to scaled-up operations over time – and with considerable enthusiasm.

Business Continuity

Our data centre for the Virtual Contact Centre is a N+1 facility with UPS & Diesel Generator back-up. In addition, the system incorporates multiple Telephony back-ups, Dual Power, Hot Swap Raid, Dual Networks, Multi Network Servers, Network Redundancy and Multi Site Access options.

Virtual Call Centre Service:

Outbound Predictive Dialler with 3 dialer modes
Supervisor Management Console
Inbound Call Management (ACD & IVR)
Call Recording & Monitoring
Agent Scripting & Objection Handling
Performance Management & System Reports
Home-based Agents
List Manager
Payment Gateways
Virtual Call Centre Advantages:

Usage Payment Model
Limited IT Infrastructure requirements
Increased Productivity
Reduced Operating Costs
Operational Immediacy
Highly Flexible: compatible with existing infrastructure
Scalable: from 1 agent to hundreds of agents
Accessibility: gain access from anywhere in the world

Hosted PBX

Save on equipment and telecommunications costs with the Hosted PBX service. Simply connect IP phones to your network and access the PBX through your broadband connection. Other than a small set-up fee, you pay for what you use only.

The service includes functions such as; inbound call management ACD & IVR; the Reception Desk ‘Switch’ window; 1300 numbers, Telecommunications, Message on Hold, voice mail etc – which can all be bundled as a single package