Technology Options

PCXcom caters for the dynamics of the Australian marketplace; with the Onsite Express or Cloud service being the best fit for entry point clients or smaller sites; whilst Enterprise systems are designed for larger businesses and the corporate sector. You can choose from our Cloud-based, Virtual Contact Centre services, Onsite Express or Enterprise systems.

PCXcom advanced technology allows business to adopt whatever technology functionality is required at this point of time – with more comprehensive functionality able to be added as your business progresses, and adapts to the demands of an ever changing and dynamic marketplace.

Continuous Improvement Updates – every year.

Our regular software releases mean that with PCXcom systems, you will enjoy the latest software version of our products – regardless of whether you operate an Onsite Express, Enterprise system or alternatively use the Cloud Service.


Cloud Based Service

The cloud-based, Virtual Call Centre has all the benefits of an onsite system; without need of an outlay of capital. The ‘pay-as-you-go’ model enables immediate access to PCXcom’s advanced cloud-based technology; on either a small or large scale. Regardless of the initial size of operations, having experienced the benefits of the Virtual Call Centre first hand, companies tend to scaled-up operations over time – and with considerable enthusiasm.

Onsite Express

Designed as an entry point system for clients or smaller sites; the Onsite Express system comes with many of the features of an Enterprise system but not with the price tag. It is an ‘off the shelf’ system with full dialler capability. It is installed within weeks and is ready to go with telecommunications and SMS capability.



Our Enterprise systems are designed to meet the demands of larger businesses and the corporate sector. A project management team, lead by a dedicated project manager is assigned to each site. Installations are fully scoped prior to the development of a Scope of Works and Project Plan, with skilled professionals assigned to specialist tasks in order to complete the installation in a timely and accurate manner.