Quality Support

IT Service Desk

Our IT Service Desk is available at all times during office hours. Arrangements can also be made for extended hours, including 24/7 call centre operations.

Staff Training

We provide a comprehensive training programme prior to service activation; including online training.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is a critical component in managing any organisation. PowerConnex’s experience and expertise comes to the fore in this regard; as we take particular care and attention to both service activation and on-going service provision.


As the manufacturers of our own suite of products, we guarantee to support our products and services in a timely and accurate manner.

Extraordinary Customer Experience

Service starts by employing quality personnel that thrive in an environment of learning and continuous improvement. Moreover, our staff are committed to providing an extraordinary level of customer service.

Proprietary Product Range

Powerconnex’s on-going investment in R&D continues to deliver innovative products and services. Choosing PowerConnex as your supplier of call centre technology means in effect you are dealing direct with the software developer, whereby we have full control of product development, implementation and system integration.

Product Development

Unquestionably, product development is a ‘business critical’ element in choosing a technology partner such as PowerConnex; as ultimately our clients benefit from continuous upgrades and improved functionality to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.